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LFPV Velizy

Villacoublay FRANCE   VFR

METAR LFPV 241430Z AUTO 26003KT 9999 BKN036 BKN180 10/07 Q1012 NOSIG 0h06min

TAF LFPV 241400Z 2415/2515 24005KT CAVOK PROB40 TEMPO 2419/2502 4000 -SHRA BKN010 BECMG 2502/2504 32008KT BKN015 PROB30 TEMPO 2504/2507 3000 SHRA BKN008 TEMPO 2510/2515 30010G25KT 3000 SHRA BKN025TCU 0h36min